Dress 2 Impress

  • Party Night Blouse
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  • Alicea Blouse
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  • Rosa Dress Greek
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  • Polka dots Ballon Dress
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  • Veronika VELVET Jumpsuit
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  • Magnolia Purple Blouse
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  • Burgandy bodysuit
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  • Boho Clutch
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  • Gold Soul (Jeans Pants)
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  • Deep BLUE Jumpsuit
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  • Phoenix Infinity Top
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  • Matilda Bustier
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Behind The Scene



Great small shop for women clothing; execllent customer service. You can find here unique pieces an accessories, the owner also make her own designs.

Luis M Ortiz

Local seamstress with lots of talent. Have bought 2 items already.

Margie Zambrana

OMG.... La blusaaaaa!!! <3